Is your business scalable?

Have you ever considered whether your business is scalable? Whether there is potential for it to grow? No entrepreneur starts a business with the goal of it going nowhere. Most start a business with grand dreams of a better lifestyle, more freedom and a business that is sustainable and makes increasing profits over time. To do this you need a business that can grow!

Whether you are starting a brand new business or your business has been up and running for years, there is a key reality that you must grasp. For your business to grow, it must be designed to be scalable.

This all sounds pretty simple in principle but it’s much harder to achieve in practice.

What is a scalable business?

A business that is scalable begins with a scalable idea – an idea that will allow your revenue to grow and expand. A scalable business will maintain or increase its level of performance and efficiency as it grows.

If your business can only be run by you, if your product or service can only be delivered by you, and these cannot be replicated or fulfilled by someone else, then congratulations are in order… you’ve created yourself a job, but what you don’t have is a business. If your business cannot be scaled, if the daily functions of your business cannot be carried out by others, then you will always be limited by your own personal time, energy and resources. This is not a recipe for growth and it certainly isn’t a recipe for freedom.

Michael E Gerber writes: “The key to growing a business isn’t rocket science. Turnkey every activity so you can teach it to anyone. This allows you to replicate, or repeat, each activity—consistently and effectively. When you can replicate it, you can scale it.”

Can you consistently and effectively replicate the processes in your business?

If the answer to the question is ‘yes’ and you are committed to continually improving your business processes then you are well on the way to growing a scalable business.

At DP Accounting it has always been our outlook that an accountant shouldn’t exist just to take care of your tax returns once a year. Our dedicated services ensure you have an accountant who knows and understands your business goals and who backs your business with sound advice that will help to unleash its potential and help you to achieve and exceed those goals.

Our advice can help you to scale up your business. We’ll help you position yourself to grow and to ensure that everything is financially viable along the way.

If the answer to the question is ‘no’, why not take the time to come back to your business goals?

Is your business doing as well as you expected? Are you living the life that you desired when you started the business or are you working every hour possible at the expense of family, recreational activities or even your health?

The support of an accountancy service that focuses on ‘more than just numbers’ could be the injection of life that your business needs. You may want to read our article on ‘Reawakening your vision’ to inspire you.

If you are not sure – that’s ok! Part of our job is to advise, support and offer assistance to entrepreneurs who have great business ideas but don’t know which way to go.

Our advice could help show you the right path for the future of your business.

Does it really matter if my business is scalable? You don’t have to be the next Google!

This all sounds great in practice but perhaps you are a small or new business and you are wondering whether this really matters to you.

Many small businesses think that they don’t need to worry about scalability. Unfortunately, it’s this kind of thinking that can lead to the business owners slaving away doing all the work themselves, trapped by their own business rather than achieving the freedom they set out for.

You don’t have to want to be the next Google or Apple! Preparing your business to scale up on the smallest scale will change your business for the better and will have a positive impact on your life.

At DP Accounting we work with different business sizes from start-ups and small businesses to much larger businesses with multi-million turnovers. In our experience, the principle of scalability or ‘designing a business for growth’ is equally important no matter what stage you are currently at.

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